Double Strokes Making Waves

Recent work by Dr. Steven Zeiler and colleagues on the recovery of motor function following a second stroke (press release and publication) has generated a lot of buzz in recent days. Outlets include EurekAlert, Fox News, a lengthy discussion on Reddit, and others.

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Bandit’s 3D Touch

Bandit’s Shark Showdown, the new game from Max and Haley, has received mention from several outlets for its use of 3D touch controls and potential as a hand rehabilitation tool for stroke victims. These include Time Magazine and The Verge, and list the game amongst apps from tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter.

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“Is the ‘Dumb Jock’ Really a Nerd?” Redux

An article by Jason Stanley and John Krakauer, originally published October 27, 2013 (see here), has now been published in the first edition of The Stone Reader: Modern Philosophy in 133 Arguments, an anthology of philosophy essays published in the New York Times.

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Helping Hand

Dr. Krakauer, the Kata team, and BLAM were profiled in the New Yorker!
Read the full article here.

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How Stroke Patients Can Rewire Their Brains

Dr. Krakauer and the lab were featured in the inaugural episode of “Science Happens!” at STAT.

Watch the video and read the article here.

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