Brain Inspired Podcast: Understanding Cognition

BI 025 John Krakauer: Understanding Cognition

Podcast with Paul Middlebrooks, in which they “… discuss how understanding behaviors first will improve understanding how brains generate those behaviors, the state of neuroscience, plus the role of philosophy in science, lots of resources along those lines, and lots more.”

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MindMaze Acquires Neuromotor Innovations

Read about it in the Wall Street Journal (with subscription), or here.

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Innovations in stroke treatment, fueled by the Malone Center

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Dean’s Lecture Series Tomorrow (May 8th, 4-5 PM)


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The Allen Brain Atlas

Dr. Krakauer’s comments on the Allen Brain Atlas were featured in this Newsweek article.

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Clinical Trials Are Hard

In an article in Science Magazine, Dr. Krakauer discusses some of the difficulties associated with clinical trials.

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Comprendre comment le cerveau décide

Dr. Krakauer argues for better understanding of behavior in this article in Le Temps.

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Thinking About Science

A recent blog post in Small Things Considered, titled Thinking About Science, featured an interview with John and David Krakauer in Current Biology (found here).

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How Brain Scientists Forgot That Brains Have Owners

Dr. Krakauer’s recent paper was discussed in an article in The Atlantic.

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Commentary on Recent Paper

Listen to a discussion of our recent paper, “Neuroscience Needs Behavior: Correcting a Reductionist Bias”, here (link to original paper here).

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